Summer League

Captains & Players:

The 2017 summer league is in full swing. We will be posting the schedule and updating the standings on this website shortly. Again, we would like to commend you all for organizing your team and registering on time. Thanks to Brandon for crafting the schedule that meets every team’s scheduling requests, and to Michal for taking care of the website. A few things to note:

1. Remember this is a recreational league for fun & fitness. Yes, it can be competitive, but it isn’t the World Cup. Let’s keep it safe, and as much as possible minimize injuries while playing the game we all love. Remember referees are humans and can or do sometimes make mistakes. This should not prevent you from enjoying the game. Let’s keep it respectful. Our league is family-friendly.

2. Both Buttermilk & Cass Park have a “Trash-in-Trash-out” Policy, and they expect us to clean up after our games. So do take a moment to tidy up after your team’s game. Help keep the parks clean and assist us in maintaining good relations with the city & state parks where we play.

3. If you have not already done so, bring your registration fee to your next game, or mail a check to 1583 Mecklenburg Rd, Ithaca NY 14850. Check should be made out to IUSC.

Thanks for your attention to these matters, and most importantly thanks for signing up and playing in the IUSC league. Have a fantastic summer. See you all on the pitch.