Fall League Registration

Fall League Registration
Registration for the IUSC 2021 Fall League is open through Monday Sept. 13. We will offer Open, Coed, and Over-30 leagues. Team fee is $800 for Coed, $400 for Over-30, and $400 for Open (checks should be made payable to City of Ithaca – Cass Park). You can send along a request for which Coed division you want to be in, but please remember that IUSC has the final say on classification to maintain competitive balance for the overall best interest of teams and the league as a whole.
Open is 7-on-7 and will be played on the smaller fields at Cass Park and Union Field that are traditionally used for Over-30 — two 25-minutes halves with most games on Sundays. Coed remains on the full field under the same format, with the majority of games on Saturdays. Each team will get 8 games starting Sept. 18 or sooner and running until early Nov. In all divisions, there will be some form of playoffs … though we will have to look at the team registry upon completion to figure out what the best option is.
To register, send the following to ithacasoccerleague@gmail.com :
* Team Name
* League
* Captain name and email
* Co-captain name and email
* Roster
* Scheduling Limitations
We will be using Cass Park on weekends and Union Fields (under the lights) on weeknights.