Whole Lotta Soccer: We are Back! (Organized Pick-Up Soccer& Spring/Summer League)

Hi Everyone,
We bring good news! Organized soccer in Ithaca is back starting this Saturday April 17 & Sunday April 18.
It’s been a minute, a whole lotta minute, since we all played the beautiful game as a group. A lot of folks have not played in over a year since the big bad covid19 monster hit. And many more have not kicked any ball since last Fall. The pandemic has taken an immense toll on the physical, emotional, mental and financial well-being of folks. We’ve taken the best shot of Covid19, but we are still here. It’s time to turn the page and start playing soccer again. It’s about time especially as the vast majority of folks have been vaccinated.

Consequently, starting this Saturday April 17 @ 10am and Sunday April 18 @ 10am, we will have organized pick-up games at Cass Park (for both coed & over 30) in readiness for the Guthrie Tournament and Spring/Summer league. It’s only appropriate and fair that we begin with organized pick-up so folks can begin to find their feet as we have not played in a long time.

Spread the word! We’ll have pick-up soccer at Cass Park for coed and O-30 this Saturday April 17 and Sunday April 18 @ 10am.
See you at Cass Park this Saturday & Sunday @ 10am.